Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Blogging World!

Hello all! My name is Michael Manning and I am an exercise junkie who believes in the added benefits of living as healthy as possible. I follow a strict paleo diet and try to stay away from my vice's in the nutrition area (fried food). The best way that I have learned to do this is to have a schedule of preparing meals so I do not have to go out to eat. This schedule has benefited my body and mind immensely.

My Hobbies include Basketball, Hiking, Traveling, and seeing all of natures beauty. I have a strict workout schedule that changes every month. I have seen significant improvements in my life since I started dieting and exercising and those improvements are not just in my body. Since this lifestyle change I have truly been in a MUCH better mood overall. My energy levels have increased, I sleep better, and I just have more motivation to get things done. I have struggled with bad anxiety for a while now and dieting and exercising have really helped me cope with that. I want to keep my first post short and sweet so I will sign off now.