Friday, August 30, 2013

Travel Stress: Fight it with Yoga

People who know me know that I utilize yoga in order to get rid of my stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety can be attributed to many different things in my life, but traveling long distances gives me unbelievable anxiety. This is a problem considering my affinity for traveling across the world to see different areas of the world. Those who practice yoga already know the importance of maintaining their routine to stave off stress and enjoy the benefits of regular practice. However, many avid yoga practitioners tend to slack off of their routine when they are away from home. Unfortunately, this means that they are missing out on the physical and mental benefits that yoga can offer to the weary traveler. To help you stick with your yoga routine when you are on the road, here are a few ways you can work in a sequence or two no matter where you might be at the time.

Visit the Outdoors

When traveling, many people spend too much time in the confines of their hotel room, airports and other traveling stations. This can contribute to higher levels of stress as the noise and artificial light can become overwhelming. For this reason, travelers may get away from it all by stepping outdoors for a few minutes. Outside, you can soak up beneficial rays of sunshine while enjoying the fresh air as you move through a basic yoga sequence. If you do not have a mat, simply move through a standing sequence while practicing your breathing. After only a few minutes, you will be ready to tackle the rest of your trip.

Unwind on the Airplane

Often, a traveler may have very little time to sit down until they are already on the plane. Instead of putting yourself to sleep, use this time to work through a routine such as the one described in this article, anyone can work in a few poses, such as the cat cow, to relieve tension in their neck, arms and back. By releasing the tension in these key areas, you will feel more comfortable for the rest of your trip. It is also important to note that each of these poses can be done in any small area such as a train seat or a small hotel room.

Utilize Hotel Amenities

Many hotels are beginning to offer amenities that are designed to cater to those who are physically active. Although gyms are common in most hotels, others are beginning to offer yoga classes for their customers. No matter where you decide to practice your yoga, make sure to stay on top of your routine. By practicing your yoga on the go, you will be able to enjoy your trip while relieving the common aches and pains that accompany frequent travel.


  1. Good article. I've just started doing yoga. I always told myself it was too hard. I'm starting to get into it. Thanks for the added article on poses you can do anywhere. Keep up the musing.

  2. Whenever I do this people stop and ask me if I'm ill. I heard recently that some airlines are banning Yoga on their flights. It is much more fun than deep vein thrombosis.

  3. I agree yoga is gainful for all people. They can solve their stress and anxiety problems easily through this exercise.back pain and neck pain